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Every kind booth and table matched in all kinds of directions, including shapes, colors, materials, and designs. Many different choices are provided such as circular booth, single side booth, double side booth, long bench, the L-shaped, horizontal and vertical channel, headrool, OAK wood trimming, Formica trimming, the Formica frog-back type, OAK wood work or stainless steel button, anticipating to math with different skins and materials. Varieties of table tops also includes OAK wood side, plastic edge, Formica edge, electroplate edge, as well as different paints. The Formica also can be provided with wood grain with over hundreds of different colors and patterns. There are even whole OAK, Maple wood, Walnut wood, Cherry wood, for the different types of texture that can be able to match with other kinds of color varnish. Our company also provides over hundreds of styles, such as the American style, Chinese style, Vietnamese style, Japanese style, European style as well as five-in-one table or chairs, completed with combinations of different variety of chairs.

In order to gratify each and every one of our customers, we assure you the most reasonable price with the flexibility of choosing whatever design you have in mind, fulfilling your wishes as well as we can.


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